Dark Cloud

[Special Active] Aisha casts a poisonus cloud around the area where she is standing. Foe's caught inside the cloud are damaged continously and are Poisoned.
(The Poisoning effect itself is based on the character's level)


Class Master Skill Requirement
Dark Magician Lv5 50SP

Skill Information Edit

Skill Level


1 161% Magical Damage
1 Hit every
0.5 Seconds
200 MP
10 Seconds
2 193% Magical Damage
3 225% Magical Damage
4 258% Magical Damage
5 (M) 306% Magical Damage

Special Active Hell Stone Dark Cloud Death Field Plasma Aging
Active Mana Steal Circle Flame
Buff Magic Adrenaline
Passive Intermediate Physical Offense Training Harmony of Body Shadow of Death Sprint

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