Elements' Friendly
[Passive] When using a Special Active, you will gain an Elemental Seal that increases your resistance to elements while improving Aisha's Magical Attack power. There is a maximum of three seals and the more seals Aisha has, the more stronger the buff gets.


Class Master Skill Requirement
Elemental Master Lv3 70SP

Skill InformationEdit

Skill Level
Magical Attack Increase
Elemental Resistance


Stage 1: 1%
Stage 2: 2%
Stage 3: 3%
+12 Resistance
20 Seconds
Stage 1: 2%
Stage 2: 4%
Stage 3: 6%
+24 Resistance
3 (M)
Stage 1: 3%
Stage 2: 6%
Stage 3: 9%
+36 Resistance


Special Active Cyclone Meteor Shower
Active Statue of Fail
Passive Elements' Friendly Abundance of Energy

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