[Active] Aisha clears her mind and meditates, vastly improving her MP regeneration. However, she cannot run during this state.

Requirements Edit

Class Master Skill Requirement
High Magician Lv5 40SP, Skill Quest

Skill InformationEdit

Skill Level MP Recovery MP Cooldown
Moving Standing (Charging)
1 7MP every 2 sec 27 MP every 2 sec None None
2 8MP every 2 sec 28 MP every 2 sec
3 9MP every 2 sec 29 MP every 2 sec
4 10MP every 2 sec 30 MP every 2 sec
5(M) 11MP every 2 sec 31 MP every 2 sec

Special Active Chain Burst Magic Missle Blizzard Shower Infernal Wave Blaze Step
Active Meditate Circle Flame
Buff Magic Adrenaline
Passive IntMagicTrain Fireball Study Encouraging Aura Infinite Energy

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